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Claircognizant Channeling, Automatic Writing, and the Power of Questions

Mar 08, 2014

Automatic writing and claircognizant channeling are precious skills I wish I had used more often throughout my path.  In all honesty sometimes the intensity and strangeness and even profundity of what I accessed and what was revealed to me in these downloads was frightening and easier to shy away from than to delve into as a psychic skill I tapped daily.

But it’s something I have been accessing and honing more and more lately.  I use it with and without entities, I use it for personal guidance and in conjurations, I use it in tuning into and accessing information for clients and friends in psychic readings.  I have begun to accept this gift and integrate it into my life, with great results (verifiable psychic hits, and good advice that when applied came to immediate positive manifestations), both personally and professionally.

Sometimes a friend will come to me when at a crossroads and ask for advice on how they can receive guidance in decision to make and directions to take, and I suggest, automatic writing, because I have seen the amazing results it can have in these situations.  It’s a skill that anyone can develop, in this article I will include some information and tips on what it is and how to do it.

Automatic writing can have a few definitions.  In its most extreme aspect, it is defined as putting your pen on paper, and having a spirit move your hand to convey your message (similar to the use of a ouija board) - sometimes people who practice this will begin their seance by scrawling until words or drawings appear.  This may be considered to be trance mediumship, possession, or a type of channeling.  And even in this definition there can be various extremes of the channel maintaining or losing consciousness during the session.

However this is not the kind of automatic writing I am discussing and which most people think of when they want to access psychic information through this technique, whether from their own Divine or Higher Self or Higher Mind, through a personal spirit, guide, or through contacting the dead, ancestors, or other spirits or entities.

The automatic writing I am discussing goes hand in hand with conscious use of and access to your claircognizant senses.  It’s where you simply open up the pathways to your claircognizance, allowing access to psychic information to flow through, and you are writing down everything that you are receiving.  The messages can come through more clairaudiently, as if it is being spoken to you and you’re transcribing, or more claircognizantly, where you are receiving chunks of knowings and understandings and writing them down, in your best interpretation of the knowledge you’re receiving.  When I do a session it usually comes through both of these ways.

Opening up the claircognizant (and clairaudient) channels for a session of automatic writing can be as simple as asking a question, while you are sitting quietly with a notebook or way of transcribing the answers.  Questions are powerful things.  Asking the question and waiting to receive an answer is really all it takes to open the door to infinite knowledge and inspiration.

As alluded to, this can be used as a method to get in touch with your own Higher Self/Mind, OR any spirit or entity you wish to communicate with!  I have personally received some guidance in claircognizant channeling sessions with my highest djinn, I have received advice in the minute details of my business at crucial turning points which in practical application have manifested immediate powerful and positive results, results from actions I would not have taken had I not accessed such clear guidance through a claircognizant communication session.

**** Please note that when communicating with spirits and entities it is highly recommended you first practice the 'Tower of Light' meditation, or a similar method, to shield your aura and your connection from unwanted intruders and make sure that you are communicating with the entity you set out to have a channeling session with.

Sometimes you are psychically led to ask a question because the answer wants to be known.  Open up your automatic writing session with a question.  If seeking direction, these are some helpful questions to open your session with:

How do i get through this?

What do i need to do to break through this obstacle?

What is holding me back?

Ask the question, and also define who you are communicating with psychically for the session, yourself, or a particular entity, then listen for the answer.  Write what comes without censorship, simply allow the words to flow in your mind and transcribe or take notes on them.

When you are finished, then read over what you have written.  It can take practice to get really clear, we all have various talents and gifts as well as different layers and filters through which we are able to perceive psychic information.  Some people may be able to get 50% clear psychic information mixed in with 50% that is not accurate based on their filter or their mind filling in information or misinterpreting what is being received.  The best psychics are able to get the highest level of clarity through establishing and maintaining a direct connection through the session AND through a practice of spiritual development where they have been able to remove the vast majority of their filters (also known as enlightenment).

A person can be a fabulous psychic but through their lack of spiritual development and their lower vibrations, they will pull in mistruth and negative phantasms along with their psychic hits, while a psychic who also practices a path of spiritual development with many levels of enlightenment and who maintains a higher vibration will have a higher rate of accuracy and ability to channel clearly, accessing pure divine and downloading and interpreting as much of it as they are able.

This is, to me, why it is so important that spiritual development and psychic development go hand in hand.

Talented psychics with low vibrations and heavy personal filters can and do stir up a lot of trouble in the world around them, with misinformation they sincerely believe is true and base their belief on the fact that as talented psychics they are able to get psychic hits from time to time.

Luckily, removing your filters while progressing on a path of spiritual development is not hard at all… just something that many people are currently not very well educated on.

Enlightenment(s) are there, waiting for you to tune into them.  Higher vibrational states peel away lower vibrational filters and a person becomes more whole, healed and integrated while becoming more in alignment with the energies of their higher selves.

Practicing exercises with your higher self, including claircognizant channeling, daily, are a great way of raising your vibrations and beginning to break down your filters, to access states of enlightenment, and there are also other techniques you can use to break through into higher vibrational states at will, which will be discussed in this blog.

In closing, I encourage you to practice claircognizant channeling and automatic writing, to get in touch with both your Higher Self and your highest and most trusted spirits and entities.  It is a powerful tool as well as a wonderful discipline which will strengthen your psychic channels and pathways, allowing you to better access psychic information at will.

I would like to close with some very clear directions on how to enter into this style of automatic writing at will, so I will quote a passage from The Intuitive Way by Penney Peirce.  She opens this exercise up to receiving any sort of psychic information and recording it in any way that is appropriate, and these steps are easily applied to claircognizant and/or clairaudient automatic writing:

“How to Obtain Superconscious Guidance

1.  Relax your body.  Give your full attention to the rhythmic body cycles:  your breath, heartbeat, electrical vibration, the vibration of the cells deep within you. Create a feeling of absolute safety within yourself and the environment around you.  Center yourself inside your skin.  Scan your body from toes to head, relaxing and softening the parts systematically.

2.  Become alert and aware.  Concentrate on the simplicity of what surrounds you at this moment.  Take inventory, allowing both comfort and discomfort in your body and in your emotions.  Set aside the need to do something about everything.  Make no decisions now.  Suspend personal will and notice the presence of yur divine will within yourself.  Everything you notice is part of the Big You.

3.  Align.  Acknowledge that you (as the point of awareness, or conscious mind) are fully present in your body in this moment.  Feel your connection to the heavens (the Father) through the top of your head.  Move your awareness to the base of your spine and feel your connection to the earth (the Mother).  Bring your body, mind, and spirit into perfect balance.  Visualize energy passing through you in even, uninterrupted ways.

4.  Attune.  Identify yourself correctly as your soul.  Affirm your true identity by feeling the quality of diamond light and by contemplating the qualities of the soul, such as:  “I am infinite beauty, I am infinite compassion, I am infinite energy.”  Let the voice of the true self speak within you:  “Be still; know that I am God, I am one with the flow of nature and grace.  The answers which are appropriate for me, and which serve my growth, already lie within me.”  Breathe with a feeling of connectedness and oneness with All-That-Is.

5.  Focus on your need.  Feel your sense of incompletion, discomfort, and need for help or an answer.  State your question clearly.  Be specific in your request.

6.  Ask.  Go to the Source and address the higher powers with 100 percent conviction that an appropriate answer will follow immediately and easily.

7.  Release.  Trust that the great orderliness and wisdom of the universe knows what you need.  Send your request.  Have no doubts.  Be in peace and wait in soft receptivity.

8. Allow the inflow.  Do not judge what you receive, how you receive it, or what form the answer takes.  Don’t second-guess or try to refine the answer.

9.  Consciously recognize the answer.  The Source may use various means to deliver its reply.  Your answer may come in words, pictures, symbols, or omens; in the inner mind or the outer reality; through any of the sensory modes; from discarnate or incarnate beings; either immediately or in the near future.  Use your truth and anxiety signals to determine how appropriate the answer is for you right now.

10.  Record the answer.  Do something physical with your intuitive response:  write it down, tape-record it, speak it aloud to yourself or a friend, or make a piece of art.  Make it real to your body.

11.  Feel the gratitude.  Give thanks and feel appreciation for the availability of truth and to the levels of your own consciousness for cooperating with each other.  Pat your body, hug yourself.  This validates the experience.

12.  Implement.  Follow and use the information you receive.  This completes the experience and frees you to move into a new phase of creativity.”

[Peirce, Penney.  The Intuitive Way.  pp. 149-151]


Questions?  Comments?  Please feel free to share in the comments section below.

Adelphia D. Blood


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