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Photo Series: Anomalous Light While Exploring Pluto's Cave

Apr 07, 2014

Mt. Shasta is surrounded by vast wild lands.  To the north, it's the high desert abundant with highly fragrant sage bushes, and juniper trees.  This is the view of Mt. Shasta from the north side, just outside Pluto's Cave.



I visited Plato's Cave on 3-21-14.  

From the Sacred Sites guidebook I bought in Weed, California:

"This cave is a series of lava tubes, one of the most ancient lava tube caves still in existence. Pluto's Cave is believed to be an inner-Earth gateway entrance along activated ley line meridians on the northern side of Mt. Shasta. It's located in the high-desert of the Lake Shastina area which is known for its pyramidic buttes and etheric temples that hold mysterious energies. Pluto's Cave is an ideal place for a vision quest.

"Native Americans used these caves for inner tribal communal gatherings... The Natives of this land would travel through these underground tunnels as far as Oregon. One of the great lava tubes was destroyed by dynamite some time ago... Legend says there is a spirit guardian who stands at the entrance... As you walk toward the far cave before reaching the last cave entrance there are small saplings in a grassy grove area where the beginning of a vortex can be experienced...

"Descending to stand in the lower middle cave is like returning to the womb of Mother Earth. It is highly recommended that you take time to meditate or tone here for your own personal experience. You may even be visited by an owl or bird who may pass along communications from the spirit world... This is an entrance to your own inner earth body where you can access the energies of resurrection and rebirth."

We arrived down the dirt road to the trail head, and walked back through the desert path.  Just when we got to the opening to the lava tubes, 2 people emerged as we paused at its edge, looking at treasures and insects on the ground, and told us they had seen a baby rattlesnake below.

Graffiti at the cave:


Though the caves are at parts entirely covered with graffiti and there is evidence of much 'cave partying' episodes going on there throughout the years, the area is really quite pristine. We scoured the ground for both garbage and treasure. The plastic bag we carried was barely a quarter full with garbage while our small treasure chest was filled to overflowing. We collected a lot of amazing desert glass, sand glass that is similar to sea glass but scrubbed smooth by the sands and high winds. What an incredible stash, all charged by the powerful energies of the vortex there…  we would never remove anything from that sacred spot and were very careful to make prayers to the cave guardian spirits as we approached their gates.  The sand glass treasures we gathered were part of our garbage collection as they were fragments from broken bottles by party goers over the years.

This is one of my favourite photos, one of the skylights in the caves, I love the way the light glows purple around the edges.  It was a brilliantly sunny day, as it had been the whole equinox journey, and as we descended further and deeper into the heart of Plato's Cave, we got to the pitch black darkness.  I kept calling it Plato's Cave by mistake and the name has stuck with me so I use them interchangeably and it fits.  But the official name of the cave is Pluto's Cave!



Here's another of my favourite beautiful images of the cave skylights:




Another of my favourite natural photos from the series, obviously, light at the end of the tunnel - though again there is a nice and subtle special effect of the light, with a corona and some prismatic effects.  Please note that a number of these photos have subtle details that you can only see from a larger screen.




One of the interesting phenomenon that you can find all through the Mt. Shasta forest areas are faces in rocks and natural formations.  The tribes who were native to the area knew of the spirits who lived in the stones.  This is an interesting natural phenomenon that you can see at other sacred lands as well - it can be seen, for example, in Sedona, Arizona, quite clearly in some areas.

In the photo below you can see the ancient male giant guardian in the rock on the left.




Another interesting thing about these lava tubes is that they were used by the native tribes to travel and are said to have extended all the way up to Oregon.  It would be a convenient form of travel, especially if they go below the mountain passes that are in southern Oregon.  Currently it is said that the caves have collapsed, and officially it is said to be unsafe to travel past a certain point.  I am not sure what the experiences of professional cavers in the area may be.  For me, I am content to descend into the enormous cavern of pitch blackness at the heart of the cave - and no further!

When I return with a group of people, and more lights, it may be a little less ominous.  These caves are powerful, intensely energetic, thrilling, with a dangerous air.  We were blessed by the guardians while we were there, but I wouldn't want to be one to offend the powerful presences there.  It is a very sacred place and a place to tread very gently - spiritually, as well as literally due to the rattlers that dwell there.

After the jump below there's a gallery of some of the beautiful photos of Plato's Cave - followed by all the paranormal and light anomaly photos from the cave, with some discussion of what was caught on film.


Adelphia D. Blood


Adelphia D. Blood, -site founder

The night before I visited the caves, I googled them, and found this.  It showed some photos which were thought to be a manifestation of a ton of orbs.  Indeed the pictures are quite beautiful and it appears to be discrete globes of spiritual light surrounding the area.

However, I noticed when I got to the first section of the caves that there was a massive amount of desert sand that gets kicked up with the slightest movement in certain sections.  As soon as I clicked to take a picture, my flash would light, and due to the dark conditions, the aperture would stay open for often a second or so, maybe even 2 seconds, and I would be able to see the lights of the sand whizzing around on the screen.  I'm showing a couple of these photos below as examples, which are for the most part natural and not orbs.  These photos may or may not be the same phenomenon as picked up in the photos above.  With my longer aperture, my sand particles reflecting the light of the flash appear as whizzing rods rather than spherical orbs.




Here's another one which I have as an example of the normal sand effects in the dark:



As you can imagine, in those conditions, there were quite a few like these amongst the set of photos.

However, amidst some of the photos where I picked up a lot of sand, there were some that had anomalous light movements that were captured.  And there were areas where the dirt was packed down and there was no sand being picked up, with clear movement of orbs.  Again due to the slow setting of my camera's aperture, the photo with the clearest orbs shows them streaking across the screen and leaving trails.  Those photos will be explored next.

The next photo is where it starts to get borderline for me where there may be paranormal light anomalies appearing amidst the background noise (bear with me, we are saving the best for last, where it gets much and much more clear).



I included 4 of the first shots from the session where there was a massive amount of sand streaking past and picking up the light of the flash in the gallery below.  If you notice, the third one shows amidst the streak a cluster of orbs in the lower left corner.

For the paranormal fans among us,

Saving the Best for Last - Clear Light Anomalies at Plato's Cave

Here is the first one, actually it appeared early in the set, I think it was right after we made our prayer to the guardians for permission to enter as we first approached.

It's the 'Samurai Sword of Light of the Guardian'




In this one you can make out some distinct orbs, unusually spherical when the rest of the lights of the dust are streaking past in the slow aperture speed.  As well I find the coloring of one of the rods to be a little unusual.  It will be interesting to take a look at this photo under different filters (please feel free to do so, there's link to a forum section below where you can share your findings).




The next one is the clearest capture of orbs, where there is no evidence of sand in the air, a rainbow orb, and a fainter orb, captured in motion as they streak past:





And then there's this one - it seems to pick up on the mysterious energies, though I am not sure if there is any discrete manifestation of a light anomaly, it does seem rather haunted.  Some of the color is showing up from the graffiti and some as a refraction, or possibly a light anomaly.




And this may just be the strangest one.  Normally when sand particles float around, they don't travel and then turn back in other directions at sharp angles.  The photo below seems to depict an intelligent movement of light captured on film in the dark of Plato's Cave, and in it's way, may be the most interesting of the series.





It blows my mind... the movement of light whizzing across only to suddenly reverse at an angle into a different direction. I see an intelligent movement of light amidst the background noise, which is striking when you also examine the light anomalies with some of the other details in the photo! To really appreciate the alien beauty of this photo, download it, zoom in, and scroll around. It really is like looking into another world.  Once I had zoomed in on it, I was more familiar with what to look for as evidence of light anomalies in the caves in the other photos.  One aspect of that is that you can see in the photo above, distinct rods of light.  Capturing various colors, they also seem to have a distinctive shape and start and finish compared to most of the sand streaks. 

The final paranormal photos to share in this series were the ones that captured the orbs clustering around my daughter's hand in the first photo, then in the second shot immediately after you see it as a wide column of light.

Image Not Found. Image Not Found.

As you can see, a journey through Plato's cave is very powerful, sacred, mysterious and magickal, filled with natural and supernatural beauty, danger and power.  It's true what was written in the sacred spots guide book, this is a place of rebirth.  In certain places like these you can visit and emerge a new version of yourself.

I will be heading back there this summer, and will be conducting extremely small and limited private tours, retreats and workshops.  Stay tuned to this website for all the details - there will be a listing where you can reserve a spot coming to my section of the SHOP page within the next 2 weeks.

I hope you enjoyed these photos, please do your own analysis on them and post your findings, and your comments with what you see and sense or any other feedbacks on this page.


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Feel free to post your findings

I opened a forum section here so members can feel free to discuss these anomalies, share their thoughts and feedback, post their own findings. I added this forum section to a few pages where I've shared some paranormal photos. I am still working on gett…

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