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Photo Series: Bent Light and Anomalies Captured at the Oregon Vortex

Mar 27, 2014

During my Spring Equinox trip to Mt. Shasta, I planned a stop at the nearby Oregon Vortex.  About an hour and a half north of Mt. Shasta you can find the Oregon Vortex.  It's on private land, only accessible by paid tours, and open from March till September until 4.  It's definitely a little off the beaten path.  It's a small and defined area of electromagnetic anomalies - where balls can roll uphill, where people shrink and grow, and stand at odd angles aligned to magnetic north, and trees grow in warped ways according to the movement of the energies there.

I was pleased to capture some light anomalies there which I found quite odd, interesting and beautiful.  Let's begin the photo journey and tour through the Oregon Vortex by taking a look at the land and the buildings, and some of the natural features there.



In the next photos you'll see some of the land around the Oregon Vortex, and you can see some of the bending of the trees.




As you can see, on the land around the Oregon Vortex, some of the trees grow twisted according to the energies there. Interestingly I was heading towards an area full of bent trees like this near that high mountain lake in Shasta but couldn't quite make it there due to hiking with a little one. But there was some evidence of bent trees in some spots there where I walked in Shasta, suggesting the existence of a Vortex there like the Oregon Vortex.  It's interesting to note that the original researcher of the OV said he knew of a spot 45 minutes south at the top of a mountain also with the same anomalies - that would be about halfway between Mt. Shasta and the Oregon Vortex.  My research, and the spirits from the area that I work with, have both pointed to other isolated similar vortex spots where gravity and light behave somewhat differently, the Queen of a hidden vortex kingdom in a mountain in the area mentioned a network of sites like these throughout the area, mostly undiscovered - by humans!

The strange thing was, retrospectively, from where I took the picture below I could not see this pronounced level of their bending.  My vision itself was warped by the vortex and looked a lot less bent, only slightly!


So let's dig into some photos of light anomalies next.  This series of photos excited me, as the guide had mentioned during the tour that at one point the original researcher, a scientist, engineer and geophysicist, had theorized that some of the physical anomalies that took place within the vortex there may be occuring due to the vortex bending the light.

I have taken and seen multiple photos which capture the rays of light and their refractions, but I have not seen rays of light showing curved the way it turned out in these photos below.  Photos continue after the jump.


Adelphia D. Blood


Adelphia D. Blood, -site founder

All of the photos from one particular series I shot, capturing bent rays of sunlight, are posted below.  Because of the possibility of having captured evidence of the theory of light being bent and warped by the electro-magnetic anomalies of the vortex, these were some of the images that most captured my imagination.






The bent rays of light I captured at the Oregon Vortex are some of my favourite paranormal/light anomaly photos that I have taken.  It just seems to answer some questions while raising many more.  One thing I found fascinating was that bent light is what is used for invisibility.  If harnessed it could be an incredible technology.  As well I find it interesting the way the rays of light seem to bend along with the moving, swirling energies of the vortex sphere.  Right now I am not certain if I was inside the vortex or on the immediate outside of it.  The area I was photographing was inside the discrete vortex sphere and where anomalies are experienced, I was sitting about 10-15 away, and the light was between myself and part of the vortex.  If I was outside the vortex (which has an edge that is very sharp), it would be interesting if the subtle movement of the light rays captured is picking up on light reflected on the sphere of the vortex.  

It definitely raises some questions and has also contributed to my research into the nature of vortices as a whole.

The next in the series of photo will be some prismatic and rainbow anomalies, where some paranormal energy and entities may be seen:

And then a few that I just find beautiful, I love the effect of a prismatic rainbow of feathers around the sun:

The Oregon Vortex is a highly unique land.  I have been there several times and every time I have taken photos, hoping to catch light anomalies, but this trip was the first time I had caught anything of interest on film there.

One thing that turns up as a light anomaly on film there on occasion is columns or pillars of light.  In the last photos of the series, below, I think it also looks like a pillar of cloud, or light so thick and dense it is cloudy.

Inside the Mystery House, it is quite dark.  I took a few selfies over a very short period of time while standing in one location.  To the right of the image you can see it is completely black shadow.  And it remains there for all the shots except one at the end, which captures an anomalous column of light, pillar of light or cloud, right next to me.

It's interesting that light anomalies similar to this one are said to be indicative of vortex activity.

I will conclude by saying that visiting a place like this and experiencing its energies can change you.  It is, not only a physical vortex here in our dimension, it is also a vortex that allows for dimensional overlay and travel.  There are many sacred spots in the world, this is definitely one of them.





So that concludes the photographic journey from my recent visit to the Oregon Vortex.  Feel free to download, zoom in on, and upload any findings from this set of photos.  If sharing elsewhere, please give credit back to this page.

I'm opening up a forum thread below so that members can upload files with any of their findings.

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-Adelphia D. Blood


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Feel free to post your findings

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