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The Phenomenon of Clairdirection: Accessing Spiritual Guidance Through Unconscious Communication

Apr 06, 2014

Clairdirection is often used by skilled and powerful djinn in wish granting, and is also used by humans as a natural way to access guidance from their spirit guides, sometimes without even knowing it.  It is also used to connect with your own highest guidance from your Higher Self.  Clairdirection is also honed and tuned into by some conjurers during elaborate conjuration processes.

Clairdirection is often an unconscious process of communication which can come through signs, messages, synchronicities, personal wisdom and inspiring thoughts.  Your guides, djinn, and other entities can purposefully lead you to breakthrough to your unconscious ability to access powerful psychic guidance leading to profound manifestations in your life.

Clairdirection is a psychic gift of communication which involves timing, synchronicity, and messages being revealed to you through an intricate and elaborate spiritual guidance which, when tuned into and followed (usually naturally, intuitively, and independently), results in wonderful manifestations in your life.  It is one of the best, simplest and most natural uses of psychic skills when working with spiritual beings, its results can be profound and life-changing.

As a skill, some entities are better at communicating in this way than others.  So far I have found the highest level ones with the most power are best able to manipulate your reality in this way to communicate messages, provide guidance and direction, and directly effect outcomes.

On the human side one of the challenges for many people is to just let go, watch, listen and pay attention, and let it happen.  Clairdirection is often on the unconscious and subconscious levels, so it’s important to be able to be relaxed and able to let those messages rise to their surface, as well as notice them in the environment around you.  Always being alert and watchful (mindfulness meditation and other related states), but never stressing out or pushing for an answer.  Just letting things flow while knowing and expecting it will happen, yet at the same time knowing that the intelligence is so far beyond your own you may be entirely taken by surprise by what occurs, again, and again.

Once you begin to recognize these experiences of clairdirection, through a relationship you are nourishing with one of your spirit bindings, patrons, ancestors, or other guides, it is simply a state of wonder, awe, simplicity and gratitude.  It is a gift, one you can’t control, but one that can be a way those on the other side of the veil can communicate with you and help guide and influence your life in a positive direction.

You can't control it, but you can develop it, strengthen it, and very purposefully and consciously nourish this connection and better receive in this way of communication. I enjoy this gift
 it is both sheer simplicity yet at the same time complex, elaborate, with a multi-layered, two-way approach.

You strengthen it with useage, like a muscle, exercising it.  For clairdirection, put out questions and seek guidance from your spirits and guides, and watch and wait for the answers.  The more you are able to recognize and discover answers coming through, the better the channels and pathways become and the more information is able to come through and manifestations are able to develop.  It takes a gentle attitude of patience, open and grateful expectation of receiving the answers and other gifts you are seeking.

When djinn manifest a wish, their keeper may not recognize it but often they are being guided towards the specific actions they needed to take in order to receive their wish.  A basic example of this would be wishing to get a job in your field, and then being unconsciously led to take the right actions to get the best job you can.  The better your ability to listen for and receive the guiding messages, the better the outcomes in your life will be.

There are other psychic actions and processes that djinn can take in working on manifestation of your wishes and magick in your life, this is one of them that can play a big part.

I shared the notes above during a chat I hosted on April 2 during Paranormal Fools week at Creepy Hollows.  Below are some of the comments:

myimmortal1: it sounds amazing

reddogwillow: myimmortal1, my spirits have found they get better results using this method over any other

myimmortal1: i can astral without knowing it. 

3xcalibur: So being in a state of receptiveness, keeping your mind blank?

RavenSkye: well.  that was strange.. my ears suddenly got hot. o.O

myimmortal1: really? i may learn this

Adelphia: excellent reddog

reddogwillow: flickering the lightbulb doesn't send me any message except, I need to buy new lightbulbs XD

myimmortal1: lol

Adelphia: 3x just open receiving, mindfulness, a gentle expectation which is not clingy or attached

I find that for me, clairdirection often manifests through the psychic faculties of claircognizance, intuition, and clairsentience.  But the specifics of how otherworldy guidance reaches each person can be unique to their own skills.  Clairdirection is a process that in general will combine several skills and involve participation with both a human and a guiding spirit.  It’s a multi-faceted phenomenon and an intelligent of communication between worlds.

It was interesting that during a second chat, two or three days later, I gave a few psychic mini oracle readings with a crystal oracle deck.  I was not choosing the reading recipients randomly, I just allowed my consciousness to hone in on who I was able to get the strongest message for next.  In the 4th and last reading of the chat, the card that I chose was Kyanite.  As I read the oracle explanation I was kind of blown away, because it spoke directly to the process of clairdirection, which had been discussed in the same event a couple days prior.  The explanation on the card provides another helpful look at the process of clairdirection:

Kyanite:  Pay attention to your intuition and to your dreams over the coming days for you are being guided towards deeper spiritual understanding and insight.  Through this process, much of which occurs on a subconscious level or in your dream state, a rather ingenious idea will surface that will radically change your views on life, particularly your career.

Kyanite will help you ground this idea as you discover ways of practically applying your idea in your every day life and work.  However, do not try to force the process.  The idea will surface when you least expect it.  Simply relax and allow yourself to be open to new possibilities and insights.  Know that they already exist within you in an abstract spiritual form.

Keywords:  intuition, ideas, dreams

I like how the oracle in this card brings up the concepts of ideas.  Ideas from otherworldly intelligence can come through the communication process of clairdirection.  Actually one of the most fascinating parts of the clairdirection phenomenon for me is that it has been used by geniuses throughout history in contact with otherworldy intelligence, at times resulting in profound breakthroughs which can even change the course of human development.  Tesla and Einstein are two such geniuses.  Case examples exploring unusual records of and results with the use of clairdirection as a communication technique with higher intelligences will be explored in another blog, part 2 of this article.


Adelphia D. Blood


Adelphia D. Blood, -site founder


Nalathni Great article, Adelphia! I do this and I usually get answers, but I've never quite known who the answers were coming from. I've always assumed it was one of my spirits but I don't recognize the energy.
Posted on May 07, 2014 at 5:36 PM
yemi1979 Nice article.
I am new to the spiritual world and have a few spirit guides and had the third eye surgery done 2 months ago. I have been discovering interesting information on nature and it seem all by coincidence. I feel my guides are directing me to find all the information. I am still new at it and sometime feel impatient. I wish there were mentors out there to help with development.
Posted on May 08, 2014 at 2:59 PM
moonshadowlab It seems that the only time I have communication is when Im sleeping, I remember talking to people but dont really remember the conversation. My husband always says he can hear me talking LOL. last night a man said one word to so loud that it startled me out of sleep. I think he said "really" sarcastically. I wonder who it was?
Posted on May 10, 2014 at 8:34 PM
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