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Black Magick - Welcome to the Dark Side

Nov 19, 2015

Black Magick… there are so many differing views on what it is exactly.  According to some, Black Magick is an evil magickal art focused on control, domination, destruction, and revenge.  Ultimately, they would define Black Magick as the use of paranormal and supernatural forces for purely selfish purposes.  However, there are other important definitions that need to be considered.


In magic, there are 3 basic categorizations that are applied to energy, spells, entities and spirits: White Arts, Dark Arts, and Black Arts.  However, different spellcasting practitioners may use these terms differently. It's important to have an idea of the definitions a practitioner goes by when seeking a BlackMagic spell. 


Many Black Arts practitioners work with various evil, Black Arts entities and spirits in their spellcastings.  These types of beings can be extremely dangerous and malevolent to work with.  They can be extremely powerful and motivated.  They can get you what you want, and you will probably end up paying far more than you bargained for in return.  You may have heard stories of incredible powers of black magick combined with side effects of death, despair and destruction.  This type of magick can certainly be called, Black Magick.


However there are other dark types of magick that are also categorized by many as Black Magick, that don't involve working with dangerous Black Arts entities. For example, there are many entities who are categorized as demons, who are Dark Arts entities.  There is a huge difference between a Dark Arts entity and a Black Arts entity.  There are beings who can be called demons who are malevolent Black Arts beings.  And there are beings who can be called demons who are Dark Arts, in that, they do not have a malevolent intent towards humans at all times.  This is a major difference.


For example, let us take a look at the entity known as Lucifer.  Certainly practicing magick with Lucifer can be categorized as Black Magick, or it can also be called dark magic.  This is because Lucifer is a being who exists on the dark side, who does not hold a malevolent intent towards humans.  It is Lucifer's goal to help humans achieve their own power and be liberated.  So magick cast with Lucifer and those demons and fallen angels who serve and follow him can be either be called dark, or black.  Dark, because it is sorcery done with a Dark rather than Black Arts entity, or Dark, when the intent behind the spell is not harmful, malevolent, controlling or destructive. However, this kind of magic also can easily be called Black Magick, because it is a powerful dark magick working with the highest powers of a realm known as hell.  Even when the intentions of the spell are positive, and harmful to none, these demons, deities, fallen angels and djinn are extremely powerful forces on the dark side.  Working with a dark and powerful force to achieve your aims in the world fits the definition of Black Magick.  In that sense, Black Magick can also be seen as extreme or forceful magic.


“Read from a "satanic" perspective, the Bible reveals itself as a history of Hebrew magicians and sorcerers. In a careful reading of the Bible, the prophets of the OT are shown to be practitioners of the Black Arts and Jesus Christ, in his stance against hypocrisy and self-righteousness, is revealed as a great Satanic Priest and Black Magician. To the inquiring mind it is clear why the Magi of Persia (the Wise Men), were the first to acknowledge the birth of Christ, for through their Magical Art and practice of Astrology, they recognized him as a naturally born magician. The eighteen lost years of his life were surely spent in the east studying the knowledge of the Magi. The practitioner of the Black Arts may be the truest Christian and he who would follow the Dark Path set out in this book the truest Apostle of Christ."


So we have various types of spellcasters who rightfully call themselves practitioners of Black Magick, but who have differing philosophies, methodologies, and different entities they are aligned with and work with in their spells. Before seeking a Black Magick spell, you should know exactly what types of entities you will be dealing with.  Are they dark, or black?  If they are black, is it worth it, or can you get the same kinds of results with beings who are not malevolent?  There are practitioners who are capable of controlling Black Arts forces, to the extent that no harm may come to the recipient of the spell.  And there are casters who may cast to get you the big payoff you are seeking, without regard for what harm may eventually befall you in the end.


As a caster, I work with high demons, dark deities and fallen angels, such as Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale, beings of the Goetia and other grimoires, Egyptian deities and similar demons who are not written of in any book (yet).  For a while I considered my magick to be Dark Arts.  When I began tapping into these streams of magick I knew it was extremely dark in energy and power, so dark it was almost black, but at the time my definition of it was Dark Arts magick as at the time, like many people, I only knew one definition of Black Magick and that included evil entities and evil purposes. The more and more I delved into and became initiated by the Dark Side, I became proud to define my Dark Arts magic as Black Magic, and as such, the quote I referenced above is in line with my philosophy.  The powerful magic performed by some of the mages recorded in the bible (and many who were unrecorded), can easily be called Black.  This would be in line with the definition of Black Magick as the work of a sorcerer casting with powerful spirits to impact our world.


I believe that the most powerful Black Magick came out of Egypt.  Many magickal miracles were performed there that at the time were fairly routine, such as the raising of the dead.  I think much of this has been lost as an art form today, however, all is not lost.  There are many powerful beings on the Dark Side who are willing to help us by fulfilling our requests, and to guide us towards regaining our powers through gnosis and illumination.  As a spellcaster, I have seen the positive and powerful effects of such BlackMagic in the lives of my clients, without a downside or a cost.


To sum it up, various types of magic can be classified as black.  Black Magick can be used to effect extremely powerful changes in your life, but it is best to select a type of Black Magick that resonates with you personally, for the best results.  This may ultimately be a process of trial and error.  No one type of magic can work for all people at all times.  However, when thinking of having a Black Magick spell performed for us by another, it is important that we are on the same page in our definitions. 


Originally published Aug 20, 2012
© Adelphia D. Blood

Category: Conjurors Corner

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