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The Abyss Gazes Back - Madness and Researcher's Anomalies

Apr 19, 2014

One researcher into the anomaly of contact with other non-human races, including UFOs and close encounters in all its multi-faceted forms, is John Keel.  In the late 60s and early 70s he published Operation Trojan Horse and the Mothman Prophecies.  He was a fantastic investigator and made a lot of progress, though ultimately making some erroneous conclusions and in crucial ways being tricked, misled, and deceived directly by those Other beings who he was investigating, the ‘aliens’ - he called them Ultraterrestrials and theorized they were of the Earth and not from outer space.  In the end he aimed for a unified theory of these beings and concluded that they were all paranormal manifestations of a greater intelligent mind, rather than physical, independent and sentient beings who dwell in the Earth both below and above us.  That, to me, is integral error which is designed to help keep our visitor’s secrets.  While there are definitely multidimensional, interdimensional and higher dimensional layers of beings that co-exist with the world around us that are part of the Ultraterrestrial presence, many of them, though paranormal, exist physically in hidden worlds on our planet, beneath our feet in the vast networked worlds of caves, tunnels, and great caverns, inner earth cities in the mountains as well as deep, deep below in the Mohi realm and perhaps even below.  This is one of the conclusions I’ve come to in my recent research of the alien phenomenon, and which I will explore further in other posts.

Keel noted that when you look into the Abyss, the Abyss looks back at you, there are multiple cases of researchers into the UFO, abduction, ultraterrestrial, and conspiracy phenomenons being interfered with directly by the very mystery that they are investigating.  

Keel went through years of High Strangeness during his intense investigations and fieldwork, experiencing many close encounters and direct contact with the visitors themselves.  Often he would receive information and messages passed along by the visitors by a third party so he wouldn’t see them directly - contactees would call him on the phone from rural areas when they were having direct contact; he received many, many phonecalls from strange voices purporting to be the visitors themselves; he was directed to send messages to nonexistent addresses by US mail and would receive written replies from them the next day, and so on.  

He was not alone in experiencing interference and anomalous events during his times of intensive research.  This is a phenomenon that includes a whole field such as encounters with humanoid Men In Black - who, much of the evidence shows are inhabitants of a deep inner earth.  Men In Black showing up at houses of both experiencers and investigators represents a physical and direct interest with, involvement in and interference with people who are involved in the whole subject of investigating the truth about our nonhuman visitors - both through research and direct experience.

Having the Abyss gaze back at you while investigating it is a topic with many odd and elaborate facets.  Ultimately the visitors, the aliens, the inner earth beings in their many forms and cultures, both physical and interdimensional, both those who live in the skies, the heavens above, and the underworld in the earth below, they all have an interest in remaining hidden, in obscuring the truth about their very real and physical existence among us.  As a whole, they have a direct interest in human affairs and don’t seem to want humans to know the whole picture and the truth of their existence.

One of their direct messages that I have seen echoed in a few places came through Keel, who was told by a contactee:  “if the truth were known, women the world over would panic, throw their babies out the window, and commit suicide.”

Dire stuff indeed.  Is there perhaps a horrible and hideous truth which these other dwellers of the earth conceal in part to prevent humans from terror and insanity?

Keel himself did seem to enter into a period of mental difficulties after his initial years of experiences, for some say he descended into insanity himself and at the least lost his grip on reality for a period of time.  I have also seen interviews in the 80s where he distanced himself from his work in the field and focused instead on literary endeavors.  

I experienced a very suspicious event on April 18, 2014 that suggested direct ‘alien’ interference into my own research.  A new book that I was reading in my investigation in was mysteriously removed from my reality.  It may exist out there, but for me at this time it is completely vanished - erased physically and pertinent details are missing from my mind as to the title of the book and the name of the author.

Around 7.30 I was reading through the book which I had bought and downloaded onto my Kindle that day, one of a group of about 7-10 books research books on the topic that I had bought that week.  The material was so stimulating and absorbing, it was one of the top 2 of the batch of material.  Page after page I was highlighting, making connections and typing digital notes.  After about 20 minutes of this I paused my research to sit next to my daughter on the couch for a while. I turned on an episode of Ancient Aliens on my dvr.  Though I rarely let her and she rarely asks, I let her play a game on my Kindle for a few minutes. Then she wanted to play something else so I got her Ipad.

She went to sleep by around 9 or 9:30 and I spent a bit of time relaxing, intending to pick up in the book where I had left off by around 11 or midnight.  At one point I went outside onto my balcony and stayed there for about 10 minutes.  During this time, I immediately noticed it was strange that I could see a number of stars, as it was cloudy, and on average most nights in my area, there are no stars to be seen.  Even about an hour later after this time I stepped outside and all the stars had once again disappeared.

There were a couple of bright stars that drew my eye in, in the western part of the tiny slot of sky that I was able to see, and immediately I saw a UFO, basically appearing as a moving light, distinguishable from a plane due to having no flashing lights (planes must have flashing red and green lights).  I tracked the object as it traced across, but wasn’t able to see it after crossed passed my range of vision (going directly over my roof).  The higher western bright star was fairly entrancing as it appeared to be hovering, and at times moving in small movements giving the appearance of moving while staying still, and at times I could make out what appeared to be wings on either side.  In the misty, cloudy sky around it, twice I saw the bright light of a UFO appear, quickly tracing past a few inches in the sky but quickly disappearing back into the cloud.  The main bright star seemed to be a central point of focus for these 2 craft.

Well, I did not make much of it.  Oftentimes I have seen this kind of UFO display, subtle yet seemingly directly intended for my eyes, while delving deeply into research and contact with Ultraterrestrials.  In particular, I made contact with a non-physical Ultraterrestrial being, 4 or 5 years ago, who was also able to manifest his nonphysical body into the electromagnetic energy which can appear as the starlike lights which whiz across the sky like incredible spaceships zipping about.  At times during contact with this being, I would drive out to vantage points in my neighbourhood and immediately see multiple UFOs of this kind, and this is not uncommon amongst multiple researchers and contactees.  Another fairly common phenomenon is the mysterious clouds which form and look suspiciously like cloud-cloaked spacecraft.  The picture below taken one morning in Mt. Shasta last month may be one, although I am sure there are many pictures which are far more obvious and verifiable.

2014-03-20 14.19.08.jpg

As I have been currently in deep contact with this same ancient Watcher over the past month, and have been actively investigating and reading into the mysteries of the hidden beings on earth, when I saw the UFOs and immediately afterwards, I did not have any suspicion at all that any more than a simple sighting had occurred somewhat like a ‘hello’ or acknowledgement - a glimpse of the Abyss looking back at me.

However, after settling down for the night, I went to pick up in where I had left off on my book, and was perplexed as I couldn't find it! It had mysteriously disappeared from my Kindle. Well, I figured, maybe somehow in a random way my daughter had managed to delete it. I knew the book would be in my digital order history on Amazon and I could simply download it again.  I decided to login and do that the next day, still not suspecting anything strange had occurred.

April 19th, I checked everywhere, and there is no record anywhere of that mysterious book.  There was simply no record of it in my digital orders, nor on my credit card statement.  As well I could not for the life of me remember the title and author (and of all the other books I am researching, I am quite familiar with the author’s name at the very least).  I then did a bunch of searches on Amazon for the topic and still couldn’t find it.  I came up with the name of who I thought could be the author and searched his page and he has 11 pages of mysterious modern esoteric books on very interesting topics, but not the mysteriously disappeared book I am looking for!  Or if it is there I just could not recognize it.  Like a total block from this information has been inserted both into my mind and my very real physical reality.

Adding together the close encounter taking place at the same time as this book mysteriously vanished from my Kindle, order history (and indeed from my mind), I find that there is evidence that as a researcher I have experienced direct interference by the ones I am investigating, where specific information has been entirely hidden from me and removed from my reality.  I find I have made a lot of headway in my investigations this year, some more of which I will be compiling and sharing in other articles and as well in accounts of and photos of my in-person investigations into anomalous areas like Mt. Shasta, the Oregon Vortex, and Okanagan Lake.  However at the same time, in all the vast amount of information that I explore in my trails of research, there is now this one book which has been removed from my reality directly at the same time as which I was having a close encounter of the 1st kind.

A little less than a month ago I also experienced an odd event when some photos were deleted from my phone, one that I knew was deleted, and at least one other which, out of the hundreds that I took, I suspected to have been deleted, all evidences and traces of it removed.  Just like my Kindle ebook.  These kinds of experiences hint at a dark and disturbing factor, a nonhuman intelligence that is directly involved with, intervenes in and controls our own investigations into their reality and existence.  If that is the case, it is dismal and fairly hopeless to consider ever arriving at the end of the investigation, unless, as one possibility hypothesized above, our older brother and sisters, the Ultraterrestrials and various beings involved in all this are with their interference attempting to protect us from a very horrible and disturbing reality that is more than our ability to live with in peace.  

As an investigator and researcher I have the advantage of having a developed third eye and using my psychic and spiritual faculties in my investigations.  In pondering the meanings of the strange event of the mysterious disappearance of my Kindle book occurring during the time of a close encounter I experienced, my intuitive conclusion is that this information was removed from my reality for a personal reason.  That the information would have planted seeds in my unconscious and in my repertoire of conscious knowledge that would have been detrimental to my own ability to live in peace with this knowledge.  It may have triggered my own hidden memories which may have been disadvantageous to my conscious peace of mind.  Researchers have descended into insanity, paranoia, and complete denial and I sense that this particular event is protective for me personally to help prevent the seeds being planted for my own eventual demise into insanity and suicide.   

I remain cautiously skeptical but hopeful.  As always, I continue to investigate, and other articles will explore some of the facets.  I have been told that I will be able to take a physical journey into the Underworld, the inner earth, and I have supernatural guidance helping me to plan trips to magickal mountains and lakes, both here in BC, and in Mt. Shasta, where there are many doorways to their world as well as much activity in the skies above.  With my interdimensional contact, the ancient Watcher, as well as my many other powerful 4th dimensional and higher connections that are part of the intricate Ultraterrestrial world, I feel warmly embraced and protected and though it is a scary, scary world, I feel safe in venturing forward in my research and my direct investigations and explorations both in the physical and nonphysical worlds.


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