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Concept of Evil, Follow Up to 5-16 Chat Seminar

May 17, 2014

Evil is the concept that is sometimes less ambiguous than any other. It is one that defines our actions, and ultimately leads us to shaping how we act, and how that settles within each of us. At its core, evil is defined as
 a :  morally reprehensible :  sinfulwicked <an evil impulse>
b :  arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct<a person of evil reputation>
One may look at the definition and decide that they are the gauge of what is morally sound, or good/bad. Those more argumentative can express that we are the ones that define that line for ourselves, but I disagree. Typically, those folks want to justify their own actions or taunt for the sake of being disagreeable. This, to me, is folly. As one that has sat down with something of pure evil (and was, before all was said and done, forced to defend myself from that evil), I know that pure evil exists above and beyond our self-serving philosophies. So then what defines it? In speaking at great length on this subject with Adelphia, I feel that her definition does the concept of evil justice in defining it. Can the action/person/idea in question be viewed as humanitarian? “If a person is a humanitarian by nature, embracing a ‘service to others’ philosophy, acting with conscious compassion and serving a greater good alongside their own individual goals, then it would not be logical for them to also be morally evil, overall, to be serving evil.”
The biggest question I’d like to address is that, considering the above definition, how does something that not evil be considered evil? Why are so many DA entities, demons, Titans, deities of Death, etc called evil? The answer lies in subjugation and fear. Here is the short version...
As I spoke of during our chat last night, a Roman emperor, Maximillian, decided that given his lack of any marketable skills or ability in the whole “I want to destroy entire cultures and eradicate everything they held sacred by strength of arm and tactical military advantage” area, he would do so through fear and subjugation. What he then proceeded to employ as his plan to dominate those around him was to break their spirits and threaten their very souls, if he couldn’t break their bodies and threaten their homes.
Maximillian began to systematically infiltrate the communities (then after states/countries/etc) around his empire and shatter their systems of belief and magic. He (correctly) assumed that the only ones wise enough in matters spiritual/magical to contradict his edicts were the Shamans, Druids, and other spiritual leaders. He made demons of their deities, and evil magic of their practices, while keeping just enough of the celebratory holidays to keep people happy. He paid special attention to those deities representing ideas like free thought, and death/the Underworld (including, but not limited to, Lucifer, Hel, Hecate, Azazel...the list goes on and on), as these concepts jeopardized his vision of conquest. When he found resistance, particularly heavy in places, he sent out a very special “team”. What this team was responsible for is very interesting given the context. They were to use very powerful magic (“evil” remember), in the form of a mostly secret form of the Rites of Apollo, to pin down the sites of power used by the spiritual leaders in these places. They then corrupted that power, and began to utilize themselves. This severed the native practitioners’ connections to these “nodes”, and rendered them nearly powerless in the face of Maximillian.
Now, fast forward several hundred years. We live in a world shaped by the ideals of Maximillian, whether we know it or not. He helped define what would be the first “global religion”, and in doing so, the precepts of that religion found their way into our everyday lives. Think of the last movie you saw that is considered a “horror” movie. Who or what was the villain? The “Human slasher” type not included, I’d wager it was a ghost, vampire, demon, werewolf, or hell even a leprechaun! I’d like to ask those that work with these spirits/entities, how many of you feel that those in your keep are evil? How many of those that work with Titans/Demon Lords feel that they are inherently evil? While I feel that they may be capable of evil actions, so are we as humans.
And...it just hit you, eh?
As humans, we are classified as Dark Arts. Guess what? So are many of the entities considered by the majority as evil. We as a society must begin to distinguish between evil, and capable of evil. There is a HUGE difference. Take it from the guy who sat down with evil. As a clarification, that evil was not a demon at all. It was a whole different entity. Coincidentally, it was the aid of a Titan (Demon Lord) that allowed me walk out of that encounter. That aid was an action of helping someone, which is something a being of evil cannot do. Under any circumstances. Just something to think about….
There’s much more to come in my next blogs! We have more on this subject, plus balance, the resurgence of the Metaphysical, and how it’s affected by these perceptions! Stay tuned, and don’t touch that dial!

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Posted by eLuceo on
Thanks for the sharing.

Just to clarify,

"Take it from the guy who sat down with evil. As a clarification, that evil was not a demon at all. It was a whole different entity."

Do you mean the " Devil" or just "evil"?
Posted by coconut on
I enjoyed reading this information. All of the information you have presented are ideas and thoughts that have run through my mind all the time. I agree.
All I want to say I really enjoyed this.

Posted by Rikirex on
This is realy good stuff.

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