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***Powerful Divination With Goetic Demon***

Divination with a Goetic Demon who is a specialist in the Future, Past and Present

Divination through protected connection with Goetic demon specialist. Includes channeling, vision, evocation, or some combination. Demon specialist in the Future, Present and Past, is obliged to tell the truth through a special ritual.

$29 Per Reading, Includes 2-4 paragraphs of information. Order in multiples for more in depth on one topic or multiple questions.

***Custom and Pre-Set Spellwork***

Triple Cast Custom Spells available within various streams of magick:

Dark Egyptian Magick

Angel Magick

Dark Olympian Magick

Pre-Set spells will be added soon.




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Demon Commander

$1999  $999 

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Custom Egyptian Dark Magick


Triple Cast for your needs! 



Divination with a Goetic Demon:

1 Question





Custom Angel Magick

Triple Cast for your Needs



Spelled Candle: Cast With Azazel for Psychic Development and Pure Connection



This is a spelled candle, cast with Azazel for psychic intensity and focus, to contribute to your development.


Azazel Portal: Crystal Slab Doorway



A Portal to Azazel, cast on a crystal slab doorway.

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