Recently I did some custom work for a client involving the creation of a portal to the Watcher Azazel.  I had some small agate slabs, dyed in various colors, which simply called out to be the vessel of choice, and as I did the casting I understood why - it was the perfect vessel, a crystal slab doorway as a portal to Lord Azazel.

There are no code words or rituals involved with this item, it is cast with, and for, a natural magick.  

The way it functions is 2 way and you both can use it to cross through into each other's realms with better clarity.  It serves to enhance your natural abilities as well as his own to come through to you and work with you.

While I cast it I saw with my third eye Lord Azazel on one side of the agate doorway, and the practitioner on the other side, both using it with ease to send energies, communications, and travel through this doorway into the other’s realm.

Think of it as a doorway with you on one side and him on the other. that's why the agate piece is so perfect for this portal.

During the photo shoot for this listing, there turned up a series of 3 photos, taken one after the next, with the middle of the series showing a possible paranormal manifestation, a message of intelligent light.  A sign from Azazel perhaps?  A faint cross appears in an arch, in one of the slabs.  I have included the series below and a close up of the light anomaly in the Crystal Slab Doorway to Azazel.

In the first picture, below, which is the second out of the series of three photo, you can see the cross in the lower right portal slab.



Just for reference, the two pictures below were taken immediately before and after the shot above with the cross.


And a close up with contrast enhanced:


If you are seeking to strengthen your connection with Lord Azazel, to get to know him, bring him into your life, and take him on as a teacher and Patron, or as a guide, this Crystal Slab Doorway is cast to develop and strengthen natural binds between yourself and Azazel.

This also goes very nicely with the candle I spellcast with Azazel for psychic development and a pure connection, I recommend buying them as a set if you find yourself drawn to Azazel.


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keyway2090 How can I buy this portal?

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Posted on July 07, 2016 at 10:44 AM
chevell Hi I would like to order you custom doorway to Azazel thanks
Posted on August 28, 2016 at 2:51 PM
admin Hey guys, sorry I didn't receive notices of comments here. I'll add this to the new shop within 24 hours and come back here to share the link. Dark Blessings! -Adelphia
Posted on August 30, 2016 at 1:48 PM
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