This is a spelled candle, cast with Azazel for psychic intensity and focus, to contribute to your development.  It has energies that are complimentary and needed for effective psychic advancement - it brings:



tuning and opening of your energy body and chakra points


increasing clarity and ease in interpretation


increased speed in accessing and receiving psychic impressions


It has a very nourishing, healing, cleansing, protective energy layered in with the purple psychic enhancement energies it exudes when lit.  The energies of the magick encoded in the spelled candle have a natural effect for and can be used for cleansing and running energies for psychic work and for protection and shielding energies in psychic work.


It’s an intricate and layered spell.  Azazel also encoded it with magick for pure channels in your psychic connection and communication, to help lift you to the highest that you can receive and not draw in or be misled by lower frequency energies.


He also layered in a spell of focus - which in psychic work helps with bringing in the most relevant info at the highest vibration you can handle.


When you have your psychic channels opened and protected, you can then better access your guidance, which leads to unlimited potential in enhancing your life.  That is one of the main points of psychic development, using it to better your life, and the world around you.


Burn the Azazel Spelled Candle for Psychic Development and Pure Connection when engaging in psychic work, while communicating with spirits, while running energies, or to enhance your psychic perceptions during spellcasting.  If you keep one and make copies of it, you can burn it with abandon and tap into the energies of the spell whenever you like just by lighting the candle.  A small invocation will be provided to activate the energies as a layer of the spell.


You will receive 2 hand-poured, purple soy tea light candles, cast with this spell.  

Azazel is a master in workings in psychic development, use this candle to add a magickal burst of energy and finely crafted layers to assist you in your practice.



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Spelled Candle: Cast With Azazel for Psychic Development and Pure Connection


You will receive 2 purple hand poured and spellcast soy tea light candles.  Burn one and keep one as a master to use with a copy bag for an ongoing magickally charged psychic candle spell!

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