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Originally Published May 9, 2015

Meditation is an essential tool in opening and developing your third eye for increased psychic senses.  However, meditating in a very strategic way is the key to gaining the greatest results geared specifically towards third eye development.  I’ve put together a meditation combining several elements into a very simple yet powerful practice.  If you’re seeking to open your third eye and increase your psychic abilities, apply this exercise as a daily discipline to develop your psychic powers.

Rhythmic Breathing

Rhythmic breathing is a powerful core of all psychic work.   This simple and powerful occult secret can be applied to anything from ESP exercises and work, casting, conjuring, spirit communication, healing, shielding, telepathy, and so on.  Basically anything which involves an application of psychic energy will benefit from the practice of this simple breathing technique.

Rhythmic breathing is a controlled style of breathing designed to build and store pranic energy in your body naturally.  Breathing in this controlled manner naturally helps you absorb and control a greater amount of prana (chi or life force energy) which can then be directed by your will towards any psychic application you desire.  In this meditation, the energy is naturally directed to your third eye through the other elements that are added to it, however, in general, you may apply the prana towards any psychic purpose with your will.

“The phenomena of telepathy, thought transference, mental healing, mesmerism, etc., which subjects are creating such an interest in the Western world at the present time, but which have been known to the Yogis for centuries, can be greatly increased and augmented If the person sending forth the thoughts will do so after rhythmic breathing. Rhythmic breathing will increase the value of mental healing, magnetic healing, etc., several hundred per cent.”

Science of Breathing, by Yogi Ramacharaka

To practice rhythmic breathing and build up the prana in your body, simply breath deeply, drawing the breath deep into your belly with your diaphragm, then allowing the air to build up through your lower lungs, and up to fill your chest, inhaling in this manner for a count of 6. Hold your inhalation for a count of 3, exhale through your nose for a count of 6, and hold your exhalation for a count of three.  Repeat the process on your inhalation.  For a more in depth study of this kind of breathwork, please consult the book linked above.

Trataka Meditative Technique

Now that you have got the foundation of building up prana with rhythmic breathing, there is a very simple meditation to add on to it, which is highly effective, the Trataka technique.  If you are unable to breathe rhythmically for very long in the beginning, you may want to breath rhythmically for a few moments and build up the prana, and then practice this next part of your meditation while breathing normally – but if you are able, you may continue to breathe rhythmically through the whole exercise.  The Trataka technique involves focusing your eyes on a fixed point, this point may be internal or external.  For the purposes of psychic development, there are a few areas you can focus on, which are extremely activating for the third eye.

The first point is also called the Shambhavi mudra, known to stimulate the third eye.  Close your eyes and focus them upwards, on the middle of your forehead, just a bit above your eyes. Along with your eyes, focus all your attention and energy there – it may help if you are listening to a specialized meditative track which helps entrain your brainwaves into a meditative state.  Focusing your energy and your closed eyes on this center, feel it expanding, growing, and allow your consciousness to center there.

You can practice this, or you can make a minor tweak and take it to the next level.  Here’s how:  Instead of focusing on the center of the forehead, turn your consciousness back, to the center of your brain, your pineal gland area.  This is an ancient Taoist meditative technique.  Similar to what’s described above, except now you are shifting your focus and awareness back inwards into the center of your brain, upon your pineal.  The Taoists called this area “the cavity of the spirit”.

Whether focusing on the mid point between your eyebrows, or back into the area of the pineal gland, you may see a point of light develop, white, or indigo colored.  If you are able to, while maintaining concentration, you may also see or visualize white light growing and expanding in third eye area.

Use a Mudra

Breathwork combined with the Trataka technique focused on the third eye area is very effective – but don’t stop there – there’s yet another step you can add to your meditation which will again take it to an even higher level.  You can place your hand in a mudra geared towards third eye activation.  A mudra is a certain position that you hold in order to activate and direct your energy in a certain way.

Mudras are a vast topic, in my personal experience, my demons have given them a huge stamp of approval.  Mudras are well known in yogic practices, yet they are also found in other ancient traditions which predate tantrism, and ultimately go back to shamanic roots.

Mudras can be used for both physical and spiritual purposes.  They are a fascinating topic and if you’re drawn to learn more about them, I’ll give some resources at the end of this article.  For this meditation, I recommend using the Trident/Trishula mudra

This mudra is also the mudra of shiva.  As the trident, it is a mudra for breaking obstacles.  The trident is a spiritual weapon, used to extinguish the obstacles to spiritual awakening, and in this application, it is used to open and balance the 6th chakra.  In order to practice it, fold down your little finger and place the pad of your thumb on top of it.  Extend and separate your other three fingers.  Do this with both hands and place them palms up on your knees.  Combine this with your rhythmic breathing, and focusing on the third eye as described above.  As well, you may want to curl your tongue onto the roof of your mouth.

Hold the mudra for as long as you can, it may take some time of daily practice to extend what you can hold beyond a few minutes, just keep working on it.  Aim to work your sessions up to a comfortable 15 minutes.  You may choose to work with only one mudra through your entire session, or you may want to cycle through a few mudras through your meditation session, or alternate them.  Here’s a small selection of a few other mudras you may like to apply in your meditation for third eye development:

Gyan mudra- this is a simple and well known mudra, stimulating the air element.  You join the tip of the index finger and the thumb together, like the ‘ok’ gesture, allowing the other three fingers to be free or slightly bent.  This one is said by one source to activate the pineal, while having a variety of other properties and variations.

Aakaash mudra is also said to increase ESP and intuition, stimulating the space element – to practice it, join the tips of your thumb and middle finger.  Similar to the above photo, simply switching your middle finger for the first finger.

There are some other mudras which can be helpful for awakening and developing your third eye, and I may publish another blog with more for you to work with, but these will get you started.


To perform this powerful yet simple third eye opening meditation: Practice rhythmic breathing, with your eyes closed and your hands held in the trident mudra.  Focus your eyes on the center of your forehead, or the cavity of the spirit.  Meditative music is an optional and helpful aid.  If you’re able, while maintaining concentration, allow yourself to see the white light developing in your third eye area.  If you don’t see it, you may simply imagine that it’s there.

If seeking to awaken, cleanse, balance and develop your third eye, practice this deceptively simple discipline daily, and you will quickly reap the rewards.  This meditation is a helpful one to perform to energize and activate your third eye in advance of doing psychic exercises such as readings, or spirit communication.  Each aspect may be performed separately and integrated into other exercises, and these elements can also be modified in infinite ways, so feel free to take them and build on them or adapt them to what works best for you.

Please post below with your feedback once you have practiced this, and your questions or comments.



Mudras of Yoga: 72 Hand Gestures for Healing and Spiritual Growth, Cain Carroll

Mudras for Healing and Transformation, Joseph Le Page

Healing Mudras: Yoga for Your Hands – New Edition, Sabrina Mesko

Originally published Apr 06, 2014

UPDATE: 6/14/18 On the mystic path, connection with High Self and practices that develop your access to divine light and your own divinity are central to progress and growth.  Practices such as the one shared below are the backbone of natural and innate spiritual development that can unfold over an entire lifetime.  As well, the practice of working with a tower of light and becoming familiar with energy in this form will serve you in many ways in your magickal growth, as towers of light can be used in various ways that are incredibly empowering.  This will be discussed further in upcoming educational materials. 

The Tower of Light is an energy working technique that involves connecting with your higher self, running energies through your energy system, cleansing, healing, and shielding.

I was spending some time with an old friend of mine.  She’s not deeply into the occult, but is open to it and supportive to my practice.  I’ve gotten her conjure oils and candles, and cast a few hoodoo spells with her before, using candle magick, oils, intention, energy, and prayers.

We had decided to cast some candle magick together during a visit.

It was one of these occasions when I decided to open the casting with some cleansing energy work to better empower the spell and connect us both directly with our divine selves for the casting.

I stood with her and guided us both through the “Tower of Light” meditation, which I had originally found in the work of  Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips – Psychic Self-Defense & Well-Being

My friend is very smart.  Ever since that day she has been running this energy by practicing this meditation on a near daily basis, and she has reported to me that at times it is the single thread which kept her holding on in a several month period of difficulty after the next which otherwise could have potentially broken her.  In essence, it had become her lifeline.  All it took was being walked through the meditation one time, and she just *knew* it was something she would practice daily and call upon when needed, without knowing all the finer details behind the meaning of what she is doing when practicing this technique, and all the benefits it is having on her.

The simplicity of this exercise can be deceptive.  Once practiced a few times, it is an exercise you can easily complete nearly effortlessly, anywhere you are, taking only moments – yet its effects are very profound.

I’ll share a summation of some of what is discussed in the book in regards to the benefits and effects of practicing this powerful energy working technique.

It’s a certainty that the prime defense against any kind of spiritual or energetic assault is a strong and well-fortified aura.  The authors quote from “The Triumph of Light” which they later refer to as being from Volume IV of The Magickal Philosophy: “When the psyche is infused with energy of a high spiritual vibration, the aura… becomes a protective barrier which effectively excludes all external Yetziratic [astral] forces of a lower vibration than its own.”

They then later emphasize this concept:  “Your aura too, with right thinking and practice, has the power to prevent absolutely the approach of non-material entities without your leave!  Whether you are awake or asleep, no astral vampire, no incubus or succubus or other non-material intruder can pierce the “shield” of a well-developed psychic aura.

“Destructive, nerve-sapping “atmospheres” also will be deflected from you by this natural defense.”

I can attest to that through my own practice of this energy working technique, called the Tower of Light.  It raises your frequency and fills your aura with a powerful divine light and connection to your higher self, and becomes a pure and natural defense against intruders.  If you work with spirits and entities, that’s fine, as they have been given your permission to enter your shielded aura.  It’s those who try to sneak in without permission, including human psychic and magickal attacks, that this technique provides a very effective defense against.

If your aura is weak, unhealthy, unshielded, which it may well be if you don’t consciously pratice any energetic technique to cleanse it, care for it, and fill it up with higher frequency energy, regular practise of this exercise will dramatically change things for you, as it will cleanse, heal, and strengthen your aura and provide you with a new, natural and divine shielding and protection.

The other excellent ‘side-effect’ of this working is through consistent practice you are developing and strengthening your own connection with your Higher Self.  This is one of the reasons why practicing this exercise can feel so comforting and energizing during difficult times, and help smooth the path before you.  If this were the only benefit, it would be worth practicing this exercise to strengthen the pathways of these natural benefits.

Now to the exercise, quoting directly from the book:

The Tower of Light (Regular Method)

  1.  Breathe deeply and evenly (Keep this up throughout the practice).
  2.  Progressively relax your whole body…
  3.  Stand erect without stiffness, arms at sides.  (In making practical use of this method, you may not always find it possible or reasonable to stand.  If you are walking, walk upright, evenly, calmly, arms swinging loosely at the sides.  If you are seated sit with spine erect, feet parallel and firmly planted, hands palm down on the thighs.  In either case, proceed with what follows just as if you were standing.  But when doing your customary practice you should ALWAYS stand, unless prevented by serious health reasons.)
  4.  Visualize all about you a long ellipsoid of intense bright blue light.  It extends to about 9 inches beyond the surface of your body all around, and to about 16 inches above your head and below floor level at your feet.  (Your psychic aura is much more extensive than that, and is usually visualized in silver; but for defense purposes you need it to be blue, and it is easier to create the conditions you need in this smaller compass.)
  5.  When you can visualize (or simply be aware of) this well-defined field of intense bright blue light entirely surrounding you, visualize within the summit of that aura, slightly above (not touching) your head, a globe of brilliant white light.
  6. Concentrate your attention on this globe, so that it becomes brighter, glowing white like burning magnesium… You are making this image to represent the Light of your Higher Self, which is truly there…
  7. Be aware of these two images:  the intense bright blue ellipsoid in which you are entirely contained, and the effulgent white globe over your head, occupying the apex of the auric shape.
  8.  Aware of the brilliant globe over your head, aspire to the highest good you are capable of conceiving; realizing, though this globe is a visualized symbol, it represents a part of true Divine Force.
  9.  When you feel ready, see that dazzling globe sending down glittering white light.  This light, filled with silver sparkles, floods your aura and at the same time completely permeates you, coursing vibrantly through you.
  10.  The outer shell of your aura remains sharply defined as an ellipsoid of intense bright blue, all filled now with the living, vibrant, sparkling white light.

Continue this formulation for some time (as long as you can effectively concentrate upon it) seeing it as a living, moving reality.  The brilliance flows down continually into you and around you – it is inexhaustible, for it is a part of the Source of All – and in your aura it continually circulates, effulgent and sparkling, reinforcing that hard, sharply-defined and brilliantly blue outer shell.  Be aware of yourself, blissful and alert at the center of this glorious manifestation of Divine Power!

  1.  Let it fade from your consciousness, knowing at the same time that IT HAS NOT FADED FROM REALITY.

“It should be evident to you that the more often and the more sincerely you practice this at leisure, when there is nothing to distress or distract you, the more readily and effectively you will be able to perform it at need.  If you have difficulty with the visualization itself, you should try at odd moments to visualize some other and simpler object, making your mental image of it as sharp and clear as possible.  Always remember, any willed visualization is a mental process, you are not trying to produce an optical illusion or an autonomous hallucination, but a symbol which represents something really existing, and which can induce its operation.” (Emphasis mine, as this sentence represents an underlying concept of natural magick).

A couple of helpful modifications of this technique can be used to cleanse, shield and protect your home, and to cleanse, bless and shield the aura of others.  “From ancient times in various human societies, the blessing of a parent, teacher or elder sibling has been recognized as having a particular value, force and authority.  The elder person can rightfully invoke the Light of his or her Higher Self to protect a younger person for whom he or she is responsible.  As our spiritual nature develops, enlarging and strengthening our aura, so the number of people we can encompass within its benevolent power will increase…

“For a baby or a small animal, you should stand holding the little one in your arms while you perform the “Tower of Light.”  In visualizing your auric shell, you will “see” this as enclosing both of you.  Having completed step 8 of the formula, give the blessing by saying such words as, Let the beneficence of the Light be shed also upon… Conclude the formula with steps 9, 10, 11.

“For an older child, one adult or a large animal, you can stand or sit, give the recipient of the blessing a hug of real love and remain thus while you perform the “Tower of Light” (See your aura enclosing both of you.  Give the blessing as above.

“For one adult, less familiarly, you can stand facing that person, holding both hands, arms down by sides, and perform the “Tower of Light” seeing your aura enclosing you both.  Blessing as above.”

To use the Tower of Light to cleanse and shield your home, “while performing step 10 of the formula, go through the house – retaining awareness of your brilliant aura – place the palms of both your hands upon each of the doors and windows in turn and utter such words as, May this door be blessed for our comings and goings, and bar all harm from entering (or suitable words for a window).  Then conclude the formula as normally, with step 11.”

Here is another version describing how to do the Tower of Light meditation:



From Melora through Joanna Neff



MELORA: Yes, and we are Melora, and we would like to talk you through a meditation called “The Tower of Light.” This is one of the most delicious, and brief, meditations you can do to charge up your energy in the morning and to put a fully protective shield around yourself. Are you all willing to learn this? [All assent.] Good, and if you would, please, stand. Is there anyone here who’s not particularly visual? It’s more kinesthetic. [One person affirmed that she’s more kinesthetic.] Okay. It’s primarily visual, but you will probably be able to feel even more interesting things than the others.

Okay. Now please take some big, deep in-breaths as is comfortable for you. Don’t force it. Make the out-breath go all the way out; the in-breath, all the way in. Let your arms dangle comfortably at your sides. We would like you to visualize a beautiful, blue light surrounding your body and permeating your body, so that it’s about 9 inches out-in front and behind and all around-and about 16 inches above your head and about 16 inches below your feet. You’ll find out the reason for this in a moment.

Feeling it is important too. One kind of channeling is also clairsentience–“clear sensing,” and so try to feel that blue light and the frequency of that. It’s not as dark as indigo. It will be your own particular frequency that you like and that will come to you naturally.

Are you all surrounded by that ellipsoid of blue light? Good.

Now, about 16 inches above your head, within that blue but not touching your crown, is a beautiful globe of brilliant white light that is like burning magnesium. Are you able to visualize this there? Now feel showering down out of that globe of white light (which happens to be your Higher Self) that globe, showering little specks of that burning magnesium all down into the center of this ellipsoid. Are some of you feeling that as well as seeing it? Good.

Now, out of that same white, burning-magnesium-type, light, beautiful silvery sparkles are showering down until they fill with those white snowflake-type particles the entire inside, so that only a blue outline surrounds that ellipsoid. Tell us when that is happening for you. That should be feeling pretty good right now. This is the power of Light. Know that this is protection. Know that this connects you directly with your Higher Self–and fills you and rejuvenates you with life force and, again, through a bi-directional communication with your Higher Self. Enjoy that for another moment. Then just let that fade from your vision and experience, knowing that it has not faded in reality.

When you can tear yourself away, please be seated again. Good, and we suggest you do this in the morning–if you remember: especially in the morning–and, if you wish, at night right before you go to sleep, surround yourself with this beautiful, exquisite energy. It’s one of the most powerful protections you can do. [End of meditation.]

I highly recommend this exercise for everyone, it’s simple to learn and doesn’t take much time to do.  It is one of the central foundations of a healthy spiritual life, providing necessary protection, connection with the divine, raising your frequencies, and enhancing your spiritual and psychic development.

I also recommend doing this exercise before doing any psychic exercises which involve contact with other entities, or as a cleansing exercise after doing psychic work for others or encountering negative energies which have effected you.

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