About Adelphia Blood

Adelphia Blood is a writer, a spiritualist, an occultist, a psychic medium, a soothsayer, a conjurer, a pagan, a grey witch and a student on the mystic path.  As a grey witch, she considers herself free and independent from any cult, sect or religion, and has respect for ancient deities and their powers, light and dark.   Adelphia lives in the Pacific Northwest of Canada and among her clients are CEOs and entrepreneurs, celebrities and entertainers, medical professionals, veterinarians, and people from all walks of life. Her work has been described as amazing and life-changing

Adelphia is a specialist in the occult and esoteric, and has studied world religions and spiritual traditions throughout her lifetime.  From checking out hundreds of books from the library as a small child, to delving into the works of Plato as a teenager, to studying religions from Buddhism to Christianity at university, Adelphia has spent her lifetime spent studying, researching, and uncovering the hidden treasures found in rare and obscure material and sources. In the past decade she has amassed a great collection of the most powerful talismans, spells and spirits which can be evoked for specific needs, and shares this knowledge with clients via her private Magickal Coaching service.

Adelphia came from a family of staunch atheists and her path was entirely self-guided and directed from early childhood.  She studied yoga, astrology and tarot from a young age and then progressed to teenage experiences of sudden and extreme out of body experiences, psychic dreams and premonitions, and seeing energy physically.  By her early 20s, she had accessed her innate abilities at channeling entities from other dimensions, as well as running healing energies out of her body through her hands.

Eventually she discovered a talent at sorcery and honed in on it – casting spells that worked by summoning ancient magickal spirits and sending them on tasks.  This is how she ended up becoming a professional spellcaster in 2011.  She went on to work at a busy online practice sharing specialized conjurations of powerful ancient entities, for many years.  During this time she studied and taught on aspects of the occult and magick.

Adelphia’s connection to high level solar spirits was documented online as early as 2012.  She spent time in psychic mediumship with ancient solar spirits who she considers her personal familiars, which has culminated over six years into a complete practice and understanding of magick that draws on cosmic energy, the universal intelligence, and the power of one’s own divinity to arouse and command the forces and spirits of nature and the universe, to order themselves around the successful fruition of your desire.

Adelphia is sharing what she has learned the form of books and digital courses course filled with magickal secrets – life-transforming techniques that anyone can learn and master so they can access their own power using secret techniques to cast all of their own powerful spells at will.

Other Services

Adelphia is releasing a book/online course with a spellcasting method which is her distillation of the best that works in all she has studied and applied in her work and personal life. She believes that effective magick is accessible to everyone with the right knowledge and that it is ideal for people to learn effective and powerful techniques which enable them cast their own spells.

Adelphia is known for the quality of her conjurations of high-level, powerful, vetted and safe Demon Familiars, however she is not offering these currently with the exception of taking on an occasional custom conjuration.  Serious inquiries only, prices for this service start at $2,000.


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