Multiple Psychic Services Are Now Available at One Rate!

Psychic Services are available by live chat and email.  All services listed below start at $50 for a 15 minute session and may be ordered in multiples for longer sessions.

This includes Healing sessions, Divination and Psychic Mediumship sessions, Cleansing and Clearing sessions, and Magickal Coaching services.

Chat sessions are usually available between 10-2 Monday to Friday and some evenings and weekends.  Calendar availability is provided to you automatically by email when your order is processed so you may book the time that works best for you or choose to have your session done by email.  Both ways have their unique benefits and advantages, so you may choose what works best for you based on your preference and availability.

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Divination and Psychic Mediumship Session

Come with specific questions prepared or request a general reading on a topic of interest like career, health, money, romance and so on.  Be prepared to be blown away by the accuracy, insight, and guidance provided.  From the broader picture down to the nitty gritty details, what comes through for you is entirely unique based on your situation and the forces and energies that surround you.  During a reading Adelphia draws from the omniscient Divine Mind and High Self of herself and her clients.

Adelphia has a time-tested relationship with several powerful demon guides who may come through in psychic mediumship.  Your own guides and spirits may also come through.  Readings may be requested of your own guides such as ancestors, guardian angels, and spirit guides, and even other spirits that may step forward in the process of a reading.  The source of information may be specifically selected at the start of each reading, or it may be left open for the best connection to the psychic information needed at the time.

Your reading is done with clairvoyance and work in terms of symbols and communications from the spirits.  Spirit communication and clairvoyance is often symbolic and needs to be further translated, tools that have specific meanings are very helpful for this.  During your reading Adelphia may use focusing tools such as playing cards, tarot, or automatic writing to help translate energy and symbols into clear and direct information for your reading.

Cleansing and Clearing Session (Including Curse and Hex Removal)

Cleansing and Clearing:  A powerful energy cleansing can be done in one 15 minute session.  Need your aura or chakras cleansed?  Would you like energy strands to be cleared?  Need to remove toxic energy or increase your vitality?  Want a boost of life force energy enhancing your strength and magnetism?  Perhaps you would like the energies of your home cleansed.

Curse Removal:  Would you like a curse cast out, destroyed, and gone for good?  Adelphia will banish and remove your curse.  Often this can be done completely in one 15 minute session.  In more severe cases one or two follow-ups may be required.  Need emergency help with a curse, hex or evil eye?  Check out a session and then use the calendar you will be provided to schedule your session as soon as possible. (*Prerequisite for this service is one minimum 15 minute psychic session for a reading to look into the suspected curse/evil eye/block or other energetic obstacle.  Your reading will give insight and details on the situation that Adelphia also requires in order to do the cleansing and removal service.)

Healing Session

A psychic healing session uses occult techniques and psychic practices to connect with your low and high selves (subconscious and superconscious minds), and activate them to carry out the divine healing that both are capable of.  The healing is activated by the connection to the divinity that is within and without.  Psychic healing harnesses a very powerful force, but for obvious reasons, results cannot be guaranteed and it is offered in the spirit of complimentary to your medical care and never as a replacement for it.  Healing is a force that is available to us all, it simply needs a trigger.  For some this can be found at places like Lourdes, for others, it can be evoked by a placebo effect.  Adelphia’s method involves a direct communication with your selves that are connected to the divine and healing forces directly.

Magickal Coaching

If you would like to be magickally coached, you may receive direct and customized guidance and coaching in your magickal work and practices in live chat or email sessions with Adelphia.  This service may be used for a magickal recipe/prescription for your needs, if you are seeking a spell to cast yourself and would like Adelphia to select a fitting talisman and/or incantation perfect for your needs from her vast archive of powerful and rare spells.

Other Services

Adelphia is releasing a book/online course with a spellcasting method which is her distillation of the best that works in all she has studied and applied in her work and personal life. She believes that effective magick is accessible to everyone with the right knowledge and that it is ideal for people to learn effective and powerful techniques which enable them cast their own spells.

Custom Spellcasting is available for some cases – in all cases a divination session is required first.  If you would like to have Adelphia cast a spell for you, simply start with a 15 minute time slot where your issues and the energy around your goal and its outcome can be psychically assessed.

Custom Conjurations:  Adelphia is known for the quality of her conjurations of high-level, powerful, vetted and safe Demon Familiars, however she is not offering these currently with the exception of taking on an occasional custom conjuration.  Serious inquiries only, prices for this service start at $2,000.

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